Nishati, Inc.

Nishati, Inc.

Survival, Mission Effectiveness, Convenience. Nishati delivers solutions that enable solar energy access beyond the electrical grid, where dependence on fossil fuel generators is unreliable, impractical or expensive, and in situations where grids fail.

Portable, Rugged, Effective Solar. Remote and on-the-go solar energy access demands portable, rugged, easy to use solutions that are tailored to fit lifestyle and mission requirements. This is where Nishati Excels.

Technology Solutions. Nishati designs and manufactures portable, rugged solar and hybrid energy solutions that minimize complexity and optimize performance, size, weight and durability. To achieve this, we harness leading and cutting edge solar and materials technology:

  • High quality 21.5-22% monocrystalline silicon PERC solar cells for maximum performance

  • Glass-free, polymer panel and rack structures to reduce weight and volume, and increase durability

  • Merlin™ Interconnect metallization for superior lifetime durability and power production

  • Mechanical and flexible polymer hinges for compact fold-able solar panels

  • Semi-flexible packaging for directly-bonded and conformable applications

  • Non-reflective panel construction for glint/glare sensitive applications